How Fighter Pilots Train To Fly The Marine Corps’ F-35B | Boot Camp

8 Apr 2021
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With a price tag of just over $100 million, the F-35B from Lockheed Martin is equipped with the most powerful engine of any jet in the world, as well as the most advanced sensor suite of any fighter jet in history. The Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort, South Carolina, is the sole location for the training required to fly this unique plane. This training is focused on teaching pilots how to perform short-distance takeoffs and how to land the plane vertically like a helicopter. Pilots also learn to master technology and utilize gear unique to the jet. In March, Insider was granted exclusive access to the Air Station, where we observed these pilots in training.
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How Fighter Pilots Train To Fly The Marine Corps’ F-35B | Boot Camp

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  • And don't forget the 12 hours of committee meetings to discuss the 1 hour flight. SOS

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  • Imagine doing this for 6 months straight and then coming home to the meatloaf being burnt.

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  • Should of named it the sonic boomer

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  • Donald Trump thinks these jets are invisible. He’s do damn stupid.

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  • Its not that fast...F22 and typhoon are superior. Only expensive because of tech and name of aircraft. F22 is still far better

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  • MCAS Beaufort S.C. VMFA 332 Moonlighters

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  • The more I watch marines the more I profoundly fall for them. I love you so much my respect to all marines & am proud of you 🤝🤝🤝

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  • I'll have a.357 in my pack just in case I have to eject

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  • That's incredible how integrated the tech is with the helmet and plane. Pacific Rim isn't far off!!

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  • This is my dream to become a fighter pilot

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  • Are they strict?

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  • F 35's helmet make pilot look like walking PC.

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  • I see these guys all the time flying around Beaufort. They go over the Atlantic to practice.

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  • Guy at 3:00 looks completely dead inside. 👍🏽

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  • I hope Canada gets the F-35

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  • Thanks.

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  • Yeah i play DCS world so i can fly it

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  • This is probably the last generation of human pilots we will see in the military. Human limitations restrict these flying weapons platforms to the extent that the first country to deploy autonomous aircraft will rule the sky. Even with pressure suits, I believe the maximum G-force that can be sustained by a human pilot for more than an instant is about 7 g's. Without having to consider the human in the weapons system, we could probably build one to withstand 20 g's.

    DogbreathDogbreath15 hari yang lalu
    • Remember in the terminator films when they said that humans were removed from military stuff, including planes. Yea I never thought that would happen and yet here we are

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  • hopefully we get this in DCS. But in 20 years.

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  • Coolest job in the world

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  • Ay yo, the real life 501st legion

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  • Can it do pure vertical takeoff?

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  • 1:31 I prefer it my way, lord of War :-)

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  • 0:19 - "...the most powerful engine of any jet in the world." BULLSH*T BULLSH*T BULLSH*T! The F-35 uses the Pratt & Whitney F135-PW-100, which produces 28,000 lbf thrust "dry" and 43,000 lbf with afterburner. By comparison, the Engine Alliance GP7000 produces 81,500 lbf of thrust and the Trent 980-84 produces up to 84,098 lbf of thrust, both almost TWICE what the F-35's engine produces. Those engines are found on the Airbus 380, and are just two of MANY jet engines which produce a LOT more thrust than the F135-PW-100. DUH! IDIOT REPORTER! Learn to do RESEARCH, you incompetent HACK! 1:00 - Beaufort (BO-fort) - DUH AGAIN! 6:09 - ANTI-GRAVITY SUIT??? WTaF??? There is NO SUCH THING. It's called a "G-suit." It compensates for the G forces during maneuvers which would otherwise force the blood into the lower extremities and away from the brain, causing blackouts. It's not an "anti-gravity" ANYTHING. DUH #3!

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  • Musk like: hold my keyboard ⌨️ making software for SpaceX drones for the Army. Coming to a city near you. The real IronMan.

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  • 2:08 This b-roll request must have been cringe for the pilot. " Oh, can you walk to the plane with your helmet on and shades down?" ( Any other pilots watching were probably poking fun, lol. )

    Michael AntonioMichael Antonio19 hari yang lalu
  • FYI, Noise canceling headphones invented by Amar G. Bose MIT Professor and founder of Bose Corp. He was a very interesting character.

    Mike M.Mike M.19 hari yang lalu
  • One of the biggest financial flops of the US miltary's history. Billions and billions and all they got was a jet that doesn't meet the requirements, due to the variety required. It became too complicated to meet the demands, and as a's not great at dogfighting, not great at being a bomber, not great at being both combined.

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  • that plane is insane holy shit. not sure why they need pilots.

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  • Sometimes we may dislike the US but we sure do have a powerful military

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  • They finally have hydra’s lol

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  • Jetfighter is honestly big disappointment to me. Sure it has best weapons to do destroy all enemies, but i am missing that spirit of "dog fights". WW3 is gonna be boring AF 🥺

    Radko StrasiftakRadko Strasiftak21 hari yang lalu
    • At red Flag they still happen the F-16s use the hills to hide from it then pop up close range the F-16 pilots say the F-35 dominated them at close range too.

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  • F22 is better.... change my mind 😉

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  • Dad: Son, to become a pilot, You will need to learn for 10 years straight, it's super hard to fly a plane like that. Pilot: You press a button

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  • Flying it isn't too hard.... once U work the HOTAS Landing it much harder

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  • A complete failure. 1.6 trillion that is junk. Air Force wants to junk it.

    Stephen McCloudStephen McCloud24 hari yang lalu
    • No they dont

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  • Can the F-35 just hover? I’m curious..I want to fly a F-15 or the A-10...

    Jguzman2816Jguzman281624 hari yang lalu
    • yes if its low on fuel.

      Blob BBlob B20 hari yang lalu
  • Its a failure

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    • says who?

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  • All dinosaur in an age of cyber warfare

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  • If only I had 20/20 vison 😞

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  • and still end up calling the af to come save them

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    • never did

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  • "and the most powerful engine of any jet in the world", that is just a blatant lie.

    Simply MitoxdSimply Mitoxd29 hari yang lalu
    • Most powerful fighter jet engine.

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  • Respect

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  • Why is this video titled “boot camp” lol. Far from it.

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  • I can’t believe people think China is going to over take us as the number one super power.... good luck

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  • Harrier jump jet is history because it cannot be used for civilian use

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  • G suits arent anti gravity suits, g is a unit of acceleration. Gravity on earth is 1 g, but fighter pilots with a g suit pull 12g's.

    Dani WalmsleyDani WalmsleyBulan Yang lalu
  • Btw g’s does not mean gravity in itself, it’s talking about the acceleration multiplier

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  • Yuma?? As in Yuma az?

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  • Honestly the shitty animations of the pilot training seem like they arent actually what they look like. If we can make War thunder look 10 times better than they have to have SOMETHING better than polygon planes. Especially if they are test flying a 100 million dollar jet

    derpy da greatderpy da greatBulan Yang lalu
    • @Titanium Rain Hey, Why China Has Built Infrastructure?

      WeeW Romero2005WeeW Romero200522 hari yang lalu
    • @derpy da great To be fair, DCS A-10 II is actually used by the Air Force and it looks gorgeous. The issue with a lot of newer aircraft is that there's so much technology that's still classified so they hire companies dedicated to making simulators for the military. They're not videogame developers used to the latest and greatest DirectX.

      Titanium RainTitanium RainBulan Yang lalu
    • @Titanium Rain just seems kinda hard to differentiate polygons

      derpy da greatderpy da greatBulan Yang lalu
    • War Thunder has an extremely limited simulation. They're not using the processing power for graphics, they're doing approximations of the fluid dynamics involved, weather, they have the full internal systems simulated so that instructors can cause malfunctions in mid air and the student fix them.

      Titanium RainTitanium RainBulan Yang lalu
  • B= British

    A MurderAA MurderABulan Yang lalu
  • Still i'm curious on what if a war brakes out... could these guys step up to the plate??

    DXDXBulan Yang lalu
    • You saying US is new to war?

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  • that's pretty neat.

    Sourabh KumarSourabh KumarBulan Yang lalu
  • “most powerful engine of any fighter in the world” No. Not true. 1200 mph is also slow for fighter aircraft.

    not Alex Zandernot Alex ZanderBulan Yang lalu
    • yes which fighter engine is more powerful?????

      Blob BBlob B20 hari yang lalu
    • @infinitelyExplosive Chinese Tonk Win

      WeeW Romero2005WeeW Romero200522 hari yang lalu
    • What engine is more powerful?

      infinitelyExplosiveinfinitelyExplosiveBulan Yang lalu
  • Fly the B35 KamaKhazi you mean there are some barely working and they can't afford the flight time.

    yfelwulfyfelwulfBulan Yang lalu
  • I think it's amazing piece of technology. The sad part is that it will be shot down by a home made scrapyard missal like any other super duper fight jet, like in the Mideast.

    Paulo A. SantosPaulo A. SantosBulan Yang lalu
    • Not true stealth aircraft cant be tracked as far out as older aircraft.

      Blob BBlob B20 hari yang lalu
  • “Just Click A Button” Capt.Diego Rayas

    Moose !Moose !Bulan Yang lalu
  • 6:46 Love to see that spyderco

    clio varosyclio varosyBulan Yang lalu
  • I mean the Harria did it a couple years before let's be honest

    domm 96domm 96Bulan Yang lalu
    • @Blob B vertical take off and hovering. My god they use to put the jets on full frontal drive so plans behind then would over take them and could be shot down.

      domm 96domm 9620 hari yang lalu
    • Did what?

      Blob BBlob B20 hari yang lalu
  • "Antigravity suit". LOL

    blurglideblurglideBulan Yang lalu
  • 1200 MPH is pathetic get the F15 can do 1800 MPH. Little wonder why so many other nations are attempting to build their own fighters recently in-lieu of purchasing more F35s.

    John MacCallumJohn MacCallumBulan Yang lalu
    • @WeeW Romero2005 no

      Blob BBlob B20 hari yang lalu
    • @WeeW Romero2005 Do you know how to stop being an annoying child?

      Titanium RainTitanium Rain22 hari yang lalu
    • @Titanium Rain Do You Know Where Russia Has Nukes?

      WeeW Romero2005WeeW Romero200522 hari yang lalu
    • @WeeW Romero2005 There's only 12 Su-57 made...

      Titanium RainTitanium Rain22 hari yang lalu
    • @Titanium RainF-35 Loses, Chinese (J-20) Stealth Fighter And Russian (Su-57) Stealth Fighter Wins

      WeeW Romero2005WeeW Romero200522 hari yang lalu
  • 'Anti-gravity suit'? (6:09) Me: "Ah, so that's how they get those planes to hover. Damn, those Marines are some smart mofos."

    Jeff BonekemperJeff BonekemperBulan Yang lalu
  • 美国人的伟大、自信来源于制度和武力,硬实力和软实力,我玩魔兽世界,喝百事可乐,但大部分中国人天天叫嚣打美国,纯粹无知和欠抽。美国人的人权保障、彼此尊重、不干涉他人自由的精神。不知道心理还处于清朝的中国人何时能明白清醒,特别希望可以和美国人交流学习。

    猪圈的猪娃子猪圈的猪娃子Bulan Yang lalu
  • Nie no nie powiem sprawdził się. Pożyczyłem na chwilę. Marzenie ściętej głowy, że powiem gdzie, niech Pani mi zetnie to się Pani dowie. Modliszka?

    Piotr CzerbniakPiotr CzerbniakBulan Yang lalu
  • We might soon see a lot of them in action since a major war probably even WWIII is looming

    Black-ReaperBlack-ReaperBulan Yang lalu
  • please hand over our plane to us. From Ordinary Turkısh citizen.