How To Control Your Money So It Doesn't Control You | Master Your Money Digital Bootcamp

18 Nov 2020
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Business Insider’s Master Your Money Live Digital Bootcamp series is presented by Fidelity.
Optimize your money systems, grow your savings, and reduce stress around finances. Learn how to build a thriving financial foundation during this digital bootcamp, which takes a deep dive into money-management strategies and tactics for new investors. Speakers include Kelly Lannan, a member of BI’s Money Council, and vice president of Young Investors for Personal Investing, a unit of Fidelity Investments, and Preston D. Cherry, Ph.D, founder of Concurrent Financial Planning. The event is hosted by Personal Finance Insider correspondent, Tanza Loudenback.
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How To Control Your Money So It Doesn't Control You | Master Your Money Digital Bootcamp

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  • The audio quality is low please do further developments on it as the content is really good...

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  • Yes, money works closely in today's times. Managing a personal budget is necessary to grow with control

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  • Before we teach folks how to manage their money we need to provide better opportunities to earn it. This "getting by" stuff has gotten old 🙄

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  • How can money control me if i don't have one.

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  • How to control your money? Just don't spend on silly things that doesn't benefit you in the long run

    ikaerus_ikaerus_7 hari yang lalu
  • Got it, just spent my entire life savings on fidget spinners so I don't have to worry about money anymore 😎

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  • Thanks admin 😊

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  • This video is actually good. It helps me to start rethinking about money. Sometimes, people just need to increase a little bit of interest in things to enable the thinking process.

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  • me: oo this is an interesting video to watch *sees it's 55 minutes* me: nvm

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    • It's worth it. A lot of gems

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    • @Miro Mayne also that's pretty smart but im still too lazy to watch the whole thing lol.

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    • Put on 1.5 speed and save time

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  • Answer: give or throw away all your money.

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    • you just gave me a reason to watch this 55min thing. now i need to find out what they suggest.

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  • Sending virtual hugs to everyone!!

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