How A DC Restaurant Successfully Transformed Its Business Overnight

8 Okt 2020
180 624 Ditonton

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How A DC Restaurant Successfully Transformed Its Business Overnight

  • Here in the Netherlands people are free to give tips. The tip gets distributed over the working staff with 70% for service. Rest for the kitchen. In this way you still can motivate eachother for doing your work above average and going for that extra effort. If you get rid of your tipping system youll eventually get people who are good/average but thats it. Ofc now with the pandemic its different. But say if restaurants reopen and the virus is gone, you risk that your best working staff goes to find a job at a better paid place.

    Rubèn PlantingaRubèn Plantinga5 hari yang lalu
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  • A pretentious answer from pretentious owners of a pretentious restaurant. Okay, got it. Well, I am glad you two figured out a new capitalistic angle to your problem, I guess. The one redeeming quality of this pandemic is all of the pretentious restaurants this virus has killed off. For that, I will be forever grateful. Luckily for me, I have a game plan in place myself. I absolutely no longer tip. This is to cover the increase on my bill and two, I have cut eating out roughly 75% and that WILL NOT change once this virus is over and or has subsided.

    All Day Day DreamerAll Day Day Dreamer11 hari yang lalu
  • 5 bucks an hour!! That’s modern day slavery..

    Hello hello hello !!!!Hello hello hello !!!!14 hari yang lalu
  • I don’t know how people can live off $5 a hour plus tips.... I could not do it.

    Ros GRos G28 hari yang lalu
  • so they added take out and communism so their profits wouldnt be effected?

    Khum DhanKhum Dhan29 hari yang lalu
  • Basically you’re paying your staff with their own money great move

    Felix LlFelix LlBulan Yang lalu
    • That's how it works in Europe. Tips are relatively archaic and don't equally benefit all parties involved with the restaurant experience.

      Jamie GloverJamie GloverBulan Yang lalu
  • I yuy I i

    Glen WolfGlen WolfBulan Yang lalu
  • Great video and even better people. Thinking of a newsletter while suggesting clients try other restaurants is completely unlike the ideology that reigns in the business world in America. Some people will call them "socialists" and you who those people are! Kudos to these guys by showing that helping one another is the right thing to do.

    PierB33PierB33Bulan Yang lalu
  • This video is a waste of time, don't watch.

    shade warshade warBulan Yang lalu
  • What part of DC is this in?

    TTBulan Yang lalu
  • 22 service fee that sounds more like the owners are trying to make up lost revenue what a sham dislike for sure

    juan valenciajuan valenciaBulan Yang lalu
  • Everybody is hung up about the 22% fee. People have to understand that there is no playbook for what's going on right now. That fee is probably your bill plus tip included

    Colin LaColin LaBulan Yang lalu
    • And you think these fees will go away? No, they will follow the customer inside and already have in many instances. And this is now and into the far future. A meal I might have had for $10 in April might be $15 now? It's like the domino effect in real estate or, at the Mall. Tenants leave, do not return so everyone else's rents rise. The same with missing and absent customer. So I leave my home, when I shouldn't, to come eat at your establishment, to support you, and I end up covering the lost revenue for everyone else? No thank you.

      All Day Day DreamerAll Day Day Dreamer11 hari yang lalu
  • Take only restaurants aren't an innovation they have been here for years. That 22% service fee is outrageous

    Penguin TacosPenguin TacosBulan Yang lalu
    • I'm not sure where you live but DC is brutally expensive to begin with. Besides that, it's not like it's a surprise. If you go there you understand it's just part of the bill and there's no need for mental math at the end of the experience.

      MattMattBulan Yang lalu
  • TY 😸

    Amit dasAmit dasBulan Yang lalu
  • You should check out cranes the restaurant in dc started

    Captain RottenCaptain RottenBulan Yang lalu
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    Smith ZlantanSmith ZlantanBulan Yang lalu
  • GO GO !!!!!!!

    Chansai Commerce17Chansai Commerce17Bulan Yang lalu
  • 0:53 Love this moment

    marcus allenmarcus allenBulan Yang lalu
  • NOT worth the wait....GARBAGE!!!!!

    1gr8chef1231gr8chef123Bulan Yang lalu
  • 22% service fee 🤦‍♂️ Only Boo Boo the Foo eats there

    Tony TapiaTony TapiaBulan Yang lalu
  • Adding 22% gratuity the total bill, if this is mentioned upfront in the menu, I believe this is a good step. Everyone in the staff gets a good share. (Pay scale between server and other staff can be different to make up for the nature of work involved). A server should be expected to do a good job(like every other profession and be paid for it)....not just because they expect to get a good tip. Apart from switching to takeout mode(which everyone else also adopted), they promoted their neighboring restaurants...kudos to them, wholesome! Guess the pandemic has brought many together fighting towards the same cause.

    leoanish01leoanish01Bulan Yang lalu
    • What would be better is for the prices of the food listed on the menu were final, without having to add any service charge or tip. The whole tipping system is antiquated.

      ParafasioParafasioBulan Yang lalu
  • Riveting reporting there business insider, you reported on over priced food that is delivered.

    No NameNo NameBulan Yang lalu
  • #Gentrification

    ABC2DanielABC2DanielBulan Yang lalu
  • They are not Americans. That's why they were able to get this right.

    houchi69houchi69Bulan Yang lalu
  • Service fee? Either build it into the menu price or allow for tipping. No likes to see the words "service fee" on a bill.

    Rudie ObiasRudie ObiasBulan Yang lalu
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  • 22%?? Holy shit

    deon fraserdeon fraserBulan Yang lalu
  • It's becoming the new business norm in many countries and a boon to delivery riders

    NooneyouknowNooneyouknowBulan Yang lalu
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  • *Shows you giving up is only for the 99%* *But for that 1%, you can succeed*

    Joshua MartinJoshua MartinBulan Yang lalu
  • Umm how about an ad warning Business Insider?

    JamesJamesBulan Yang lalu
  • Folks, just cook at home. 22% increase is ridiculous. I could do away with 15%. Eating out is always expensive and now we have this bullshit.

    noname22541noname22541Bulan Yang lalu
  • amazing great job guys keep up the great work and keep helping others in this time much love. KUDOS

    Elko GElko GBulan Yang lalu
  • I can’t believe it! I used to dine at this restaurant lollll

    Leonardo LombardiLeonardo LombardiBulan Yang lalu
  • So they started a take out business like literally every restaurant hit by covid in the US. Happy for them but this video is just an advertisement and nothing more.

    Nathan5791Nathan5791Bulan Yang lalu
    • Just support small restaurants .

      hey shirhey shirBulan Yang lalu
  • Everyone talkin shit about the 22% service fee but it seems to be workin 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    Karl-Anthony TownsKarl-Anthony TownsBulan Yang lalu
  • Holy shit an american restaurant realizing that tips are a bad idea and actually functioning like the rest of the civilized world

    Piotr BrysPiotr BrysBulan Yang lalu
  • A lot of people talking hate in these comments about a 22% service fee. People don’t realize that this is the way of the future. I work in a small bistro and we have implemented the same model. If far more sustainable and allows restaurants to have better cash flow and act like a real business. It also has the double effect of weeding out the people that would be offended by the service fee. So no cheap asses

    Gabriel RelyeaGabriel RelyeaBulan Yang lalu

    Matt and Andrew Calvey and BittakerMatt and Andrew Calvey and BittakerBulan Yang lalu
  • Uploaded twice in a 24 hour period, lacking content huh?

    Danny LamDanny LamBulan Yang lalu
  • Can't wait to see this reuploaded tomorrow

    Financial ShinaniganFinancial ShinaniganBulan Yang lalu
  • this would make a great curb episode

    jeroenjeroenBulan Yang lalu
  • My heart melt when you mentioned that you helped other restaurants as well. Kudos ...

    Billy CasperBilly CasperBulan Yang lalu
  • Quitting < Adapting

    Stoney MaloneyStoney MaloneyBulan Yang lalu
  • Ayo where my DC homies @ ?

    MackMackBulan Yang lalu
  • I live in DC and all the small businesses in my area went out of business while chains remained open.

    Michael DePintoMichael DePintoBulan Yang lalu
  • Congratulations!

    Walter de Paula Pinto FilhoWalter de Paula Pinto FilhoBulan Yang lalu
  • That is really great

    Smash DoshSmash DoshBulan Yang lalu
  • oh....that's it? I was expecting something groundbreaking.

    Gordon CGordon CBulan Yang lalu
    • This is just an advert

      Loading nowLoading nowBulan Yang lalu
  • Thanks for making this available now !😆

    Benny HengBenny HengBulan Yang lalu
  • lol what a joke, 22% service charge

    Freshly MadeFreshly MadeBulan Yang lalu
  • hopefully this video won't get removed

    Likun JianLikun JianBulan Yang lalu
  • Wow, takeout is such a new idea that I didn't know worked before. Also, if I heard that a 22% service fee was going to be added to my bill, I wouldn't even eat there in the first place. I appreciate servers and workers and I always tip, but if I'm taking out and paying that much, then I'm definitely not coming to your restaurant.

    DIY ProjectsDIY ProjectsBulan Yang lalu
  • Isn’t this the 3rd upload by now? 😂

    The LiamsterThe LiamsterBulan Yang lalu
    • 4th I think

      Carat,MOODZ, and Monbebe for lifeCarat,MOODZ, and Monbebe for lifeBulan Yang lalu
  • So you do less. And expect a 22 percent fee, not gonna fly.

    G CruzG CruzBulan Yang lalu
  • Yesterday I got notified About this video!!! BUT THEY DELETE IT!

    luckyluckyBulan Yang lalu
  • Lol why is this video getting so much hate?

    Brianna Oppong-AntwiBrianna Oppong-AntwiBulan Yang lalu
  • Why was this video out like 12 hours ago

    Taskmaster _Taskmaster _Bulan Yang lalu
  • wasn't this removed yesterday when it had a 50% dislike ratio? lol

    MichaelMichaelBulan Yang lalu
  • This was a TED Talk in itself. Brilliant work by the restaurant.

    Sid RainaSid RainaBulan Yang lalu
  • TLDR: 1. They created a takeout program 2. went away with tips but added a 22% service fee to your bill

    Cristian BaezaCristian BaezaBulan Yang lalu
    • Is tipping really mandatory?

      Jerome AgcopraJerome AgcopraBulan Yang lalu
    • @Ravenesque One same here! Even when I have TERRIBLE service , I only go as low as 18% . When it’s good service I’ll tip 100% sometimes. I work under meritocracy rules, if its good service you get what you earn.

      Silence DogoodSilence DogoodBulan Yang lalu
    • Cristian Baeza - I’ve been tipping 20% for nearly 40 years. Big deal.

      Ravenesque OneRavenesque OneBulan Yang lalu
    • @ForeignFinance Actually, most credit card and debit cards have been, and can be replaced with touchless now. Apple pay and Android pay are quite common these days. Even just using chips, the staffs at the restaurant still do not need to touch the card at all, just have the customer insert the card into a portable reader.

      houchi69houchi69Bulan Yang lalu
    • Tipping system is stupid to begin with, anyway.

      houchi69houchi69Bulan Yang lalu
  • The smartest people in the restaurant business.

    rick berlandrick berlandBulan Yang lalu
  • Random fact Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike each year than all the Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined. -The Shades

    ShazisticShazisticBulan Yang lalu
    • Also Michael lives in an environment where the valuta is higher. Michael achieved the highest level of basketball in history and turned himself into a legend by training and working day in day out. Michael contributes to that these people actually do get paid. Ever thought about that?

      Rubèn PlantingaRubèn Plantinga5 hari yang lalu
    • that's a stupid fact

      RkRkBulan Yang lalu
  • When I was this early,-- well actually I've never been this early to any IDworlds video.

    Dreamless NightsDreamless NightsBulan Yang lalu
  • 2nd times a charm?

    Juicy 101909Juicy 101909Bulan Yang lalu
  • Im early :0

    Quicky starQuicky starBulan Yang lalu
  • For those pointing out the obvious that its a reupload, this video wasn't available in some countries i.e. Australia

    Jack GriffithsJack GriffithsBulan Yang lalu
    • It was geoblocked basically everywhere. Used VPN and just could not find this mythical country it wasnt theoretically blocked in. Guessing it was Sealand.

      DaedhartDaedhartBulan Yang lalu
    • @Benny Heng IDworlds prob bugged out

      Tony MüllerTony MüllerBulan Yang lalu
    • Is there a good reason why.?

      Benny HengBenny HengBulan Yang lalu
    • Or asia

      luckyluckyBulan Yang lalu
    • Or UAE

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  • I didn’t want to watch this the first time 😂

    thatguy 00thatguy 00Bulan Yang lalu
    • it was geoblocked in my country the first time. lol

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  • Reupload again?

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    • 4th time I think

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  • Hopefully this isn’t gonna be reuploaded

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    • @Muhammad Iqbal see my channel

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    • @Muhammad Iqbal ok then I'm sorry 🙏

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    • @Frazer barretto well thats like self promote with extra steps

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    • @Frazer barretto shut up

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    • It has already, this is the 4th time

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  • Ya know, this is a reupload

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  • First one here

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    • @thatguy 00 I CARE HERE 😡

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    • Nobody cares

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    • Hi guys how are you doing👍 I have made a motivational video on my channel, so you can check it....... thank you 😊 and my motive is not to self promote but to reach out my message

      Frazer barrettoFrazer barrettoBulan Yang lalu